Welcome to SPASS

We are proud to announce that Saint Paul American School System (SPASS) has established a new office in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA to extend its services to outbound students from Asia. The Raleigh office joins existing SPASS offices and schools in Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Clark, Yangon, Taiwan, and Ho Chi Minh - with new offices planned for cities in Malaysia and Japan. Heading the Raleigh office will be the President of SPASS, Frank Tarsitano, Ph.D., the former President and Chair of an international exchange organization and principal of international schools in Turkey and Taiwan. Adam Tarsitano will be joining SPASS as Executive Vice President of Operations.

The goal of Saint Paul American School System (SPASS) is to prepare students to achieve professional success in the global community and to become leaders with broad perspectives and high expectations for themselves and others. The SPASS curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills and intercultural learning within a college preparatory, academic framework with our goals for developing quality and holistic education. The resulting focus is one that produces a student-centered objective that we improve up and build upon year after year.

Ongoing support of SPASS can be found in all of the foundations and infrastructure of our schools, the content utilized by teachers, in the initiatives set by our administration, and in the quality of the curriculum our students experience. Beginning with the selection of standards implanted in the classrooms that form the basis of pacing guides, unit plans and lesson plans, SPASS works to form a complete curricular framework that structures student learning all the way to graduation.

The opening of the Raleigh branch enables SPASS to create a seamless program for students from Asia who wish to study abroad. Students will be able to participate in academic semester and year programs as well as shorter term programs aimed at enhancing each student’s academic and work skills. By connecting our overseas schools and offices directly to educational activities here in the US, we will be in a unique position to serve our students in achieving their educational goals. In addition to helping students select schools, provide qualified host families, and give expert support, SPASS will use its worldwide educational and technological resources to enhance the experience of each student.

We are available to help you learn more about our program and to build an ongoing conversation on what SPASS can offer. For teachers and administrators with questions on the services and content provided by SPASS, please contact the Curriculum Development Specialist relevant to your course. SPASS seeks to instill and maintain a common vision and focus for all schools. Using resources and methods developed in the U.S., SPASS aims to build quality and continuity among its schools, regardless of their locations. Our mission will be to utilize seamless communication, cooperation and coordination to provide a truly unique educational experience for each of our students.

Frank Tarsitano, Ph. D.

8480 Honeycutt Road
Suit 200
Raleigh, NC, US27615