Saint Paul schools are now applying the STEM sample of SPAS, Shanghai, and we recently introduced the "STEM track" and STEM diploma system.

Included in our list of successes is Saint Paul American School, Hanoi. This school is considered one of the top 5 international schools in Hanoi. Like several other schools, they successfully completed and graduated from the five year SPASS franchisee program.

Here we will show you how the SPASS method will make "DIFFERENCES" in developing your school as well as highlight the key aspects of our services.

We look forward to share our experience from Saint Paul American School System
with you and to help create a successful world-class school together.

The SPASS team is committed to growth for your school and organization. This means we are in a constant state of continuous development and refinement. New principals are put through our SPASS administrator training program where we give them the ins and outs of being an effective administrator. Additionally, new teachers are required to submit teacher readiness videos that are to be reviewed locally and by SPASS. SPASS also provides schools with feedback visits where we focus on improving the quality of teaching. SPASS is also committed to teacher development through professional development and annual teacher workshops.

We help to create a culture of growth and improvement at your school. Even a good teacher with an American-style education and an American teaching certificate needs training, workshops, observations, and evaluation to become a good teacher at an international school in Asia or anywhere else in the world. Even teachers need to be educated on what parents expect.

SPASS is also committed to growing with you. That is why we ask for quarterly reports to learn about new trends in international education. We also take the time to update our curriculum, policies and procedures every year to best fit the needs of a fast-changing world.