Focus on Academics

The biggest strength of the SPASS academic management system is the focus on providing a quality of academic excellence at your school. We use several avenues that work together to provide this program including the use of such programs as ATLAS and PowerSchool. We also require a Curriculum Coordinator (either full time or part-time with teaching hours) to be present at each school to check whether each subject is properly paced, whether each student's Quiz/Homework is evaluated and grade correctly, and whether the teacher is engaging the students in the classroom. We believe fundamental meaning and purpose of a school happens in a classroom so we work very hard to make sure classes are a good academic quality.

The only way to supervise what is happening in a classroom is to introduce a proper management system. There’s always the chance of hiring the wrong principal or teacher and without a proven established system in place, it may be hard to ensure the quality of the program. However, SPASS offers a proven, effective way to grow your school. Another goal of SPASS is that every Saint Paul school gets accreditations as soon as possible. To this end, SPASS has received Corporate Accreditation from Accreditation International (AI) and National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPA) and is currently in the process of obtaining accreditation from Middle State Association (MSA), one of the six U.S. accreditation agencies. Saint Paul American Schools, which utilize SPASS’s curriculum and academic management system, can undergo a streamlined process of accreditation. The streamlined process requires one visit instead of two and can be completed within the first year of operation. This can also lead to US regional accreditation.   One of the ways that SPASS supports your accreditation is by assisting you with the lengthy and sometimes daunting process of accreditaiton. Let's look at the sample below.