Accreditation Support

1. Accreditation Application & Self-study Template and Team Report

Accreditation is necessary for every school. It leads to school improvement as well as creates more opportunities for your students including college acceptance. SPASS has experience working with both US national and regional accreditors. Accreditation can be overwhelming; however, SPASS has the playbook to make the accreditation process as simple and seamless as possible. This includes assisting and leading schools in the application as well as self-study required by accreditors. The self-study takes a holistic view of your school in order to identify points of strengths and areas for improvement.

2. School Strategic / Improvement Plan

SPASS has the expertise and experience to lead schools in creating a school strategic plan that will ensure steady growth and improvements for schools. Accrediting agencies will often request a school improvement plan. A school improvement plan is created through a collaborative process that identifies four to six major areas in which the school wants to improve over the next three to five years. Then, the school identifies two to three major goals with milestone markers in each area. From those goals, tasks are created. This plan is then reviewed annually or biannually.

3. Standard 6, School Climate and Organization

School Climate and Organization is a standard that is included in most accreditations. This standard focuses on the organization structure and climate of the school. It also focuses on how a school defines the roles, responsibilities, expectations, and reporting relationships for its staff. In order to respond to and prove this standard, the school needs to report how it achieves this standard and provide evidence. SPASS assists schools in this process of preparing reports and documentation in order to meet the standard laid out by the accrediting agency. Reporting and Documentation required to meet this standard include:

  • Organizational chart for the school or system
  • Job descriptions for administrative, instructional and support staff
  • Salary schedules and descriptions of benefits packages for teachers, specialists, and support staff
  • Professional development plan
  • Appraisal tool and/or process description for administrative, instructional, and support staff members
  • A chart of all administrative, instructional, and support staff showing name, gender, nationality, and years at the school
  • Teaching and administrative personnel contracts
  • Professional evaluation procedures and forms
  • Faculty handbooks
  • Proof of qualification required for teachers and administrators