Faculty Recruitment

Saint Paul American School System has over 15 years of experience founding and operating schools worldwide. By joining our network, you are gaining access to the collective experience and resources created by SPASS. We offer initial and ongoing professional development, assistance with accreditation,and quality control for your program. ​In addition, SPASS assists with the recruitment of administration and educators. You will also have access a wealth of documents and resources necessary to start and operate a school.

​SPASS has built a strong network of international school teachers, faculty, and principals. Utilizing our program, gives you access to our SPASS network of potential employees. Also, SPASS assists with screening potential candidates by utilizing a streamlined interview process that places quality teachers in your school in a timely manner. In addition, SPASS has established partnerships with several international teacher recruiting services.

Teachers Training

Providing the right training and guidance at the start of the school year allows teacher and administrators to get off on the right foot in their planning and bringing quality education to the students. SPASS offers teacher training on education platforms, standards, teaching practices, as well as curriculum implementation and planning.


  • Student and Teacher RigorSchool-definition of homework and school work
  • Centers-Based LearningExciting and new practices for students to learn
  • Alternative AssessmentsSimilar to differentiation, applied to assessments
  • Curriculum DesignBuilding Curriculum for the Year
  • Curriculum Design MethodsTraining on building curriculum content
  • Unpacking StandardsUnderstanding selected standards and applications
  • Student-Centered LearningCreation of lessons focusd away from the teacher
  • Depth of KnowledgeBased on the Depth of Knowledge weel
  • Non-Traditional AssignmentsTraining toward modern assessment concepts
  • Social-Emotional Well-BeingFocusing on a holistic fashion